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Rank Site In Out
51 Dimension Fantastica
10 255
hundreds of horror films reviews and more... Specializing in giallo, italian gore, euro-trash, cult films, indie, retro, classics, sci-fi, hentai, sexploitation, etc. Thousands of pics and covers
52 Paranormal Top 100
7 70
Paranormal Top 100 listing Paranormal Investigation Groups, sites with ghost stories, photos and similar are welcome to apply.
53 Mis-Fest Goth Festival
7 58

Mis-Fest is our yearly Goth Festival bringing Goth, Batcave, Psychobilly bands, music & DJ's to the Blackpool seaside. Born from our Misery of Sound club nights, Mis-Fest had its first festival in 2008 and is looking forward to the next in June 2009.
54 Dark Portal
6 77
55 The Psychic Vampire Resource & Support Pages
6 16

Psychic is a Real vampire resource and support site, You will find information on how to feed, links within the vampire community, subtle body information,The Black veil, a lexicon, shield
56 radio minutenschlaf
6 72

Der Sender mit dem besonderen Etwas. Niemals zuvor gab es ein weiteres Spektrum an Musikalität zu bestaunen. Von Darkwave bis zum Black Metal der alten Schule. Vom Gothic zur Irischen Folklore (um nur
57 Witching Hour
6 89

A collection of Occult information relating to Sorcery, Dark Witchcraft, Necromancy, Sigil Magick, Divination, and Herbs including useful articles on
Left Hand Path practices.
58 Nosferatu's Coffin
6 31

Site dedicated to the 1922 version of Nosferatu. Watch "Nosferatu" online, read a detailed synopsis of the movie, view stills from the movie and purchase horror related merchandise. Topsite listing
59 Belladonna Art
5 51

Gothic artwork and jewelry by world famous artist Belladonna.
60 Morbid Soul: Art is Life, Life is Art
5 53

Upload your photos, art, lyrics, music.. blog.. share your art on the forums, start a group.. and just have fun :)
61 Gothic-Community by Rose of Darkness
5 2
Die Community der schwarzen Szene
62 NeverEndingWonder Halloween Radio Empire
5 72

Three award winning Halloween Radio Stations that broadcast during the month of October. Plus- topsite, links page, movies, music & more.
63 ParaZone
5 65
Paranormal Investigations Top Ranking List. Accepting Homepages for Worldwide Paranormal Investigation groups, join now and get more hits! We will also accept sites consisting of information, imagines
64 For Vampires Goths & Humans
4 47 For Vampires Goths & Humans
65 Misery of Sound
4 39

Misery of Sound goth club night in Blackpool.Bringing goth, deathrock, horrorpunk, bands & music to the seaside.
Mis-Fest Goth festival was born from Misery of Sound.
66 Foundation For Supernatural Studies
4 27

Our goal is to bring together all knowledge and theories gained so far into one place as well as allow a venue for new knowledge and ideas to prosper. We will also be a vent for those who wish to tell
4 52

A Fun Dating and Social Networking Website for Goths Worldwide.

Whether you are looking to date or make friends with others who share your interests, you've come to the right place. You can chat, h
68 Spiritual growth
4 94

Chat forum for wiccans, pagans, eclectics and vampires to discuss their craft. Also rooms to discuss animal lliberation and green issues.
69 Beyond Evil
4 41
How does your site rate in Evilness? Join us and find out.
70 Gothic Clothing & Figurines
3 38

Large selection of gothic, wicca altar and ornamental figurines including fairy figurines, dragon figurines, alchemy clothing and nemesis now figurines.
71 Gardens of Nocturne
3 56

Dark photography. Taphophilia. Cemeteries, graveyards, infrared photography.
72 Pumpkins Hellstore - Dark Wear Fashion und Gothic Mode
3 95

Dark Wear Fashion und Gothic Mode zum kleinen Preis in großer Vielfalt. Schmuck, Accessoires und Wohnartikel für den dunklen Geschmack werden außerdem geboten.
73 Best Horror Movies
3 57

Archive of classic horror films

74 Arizona's Haunted Ghosts and Hauntings
3 34

Arizona's Haunted is a team dedicated to searching for the truth of the
paranormal. We will actively investigate and fully research paranormal
activity in your home or your place of business. We sp
75 Morbidementia
3 58

Horror comics, horror babes, horror movies and breaking horror news!
76 Mistress Yvonne's Vampire Pages
3 38

Venture into the Pages of the Mistress' Realm...
77 Rogue Tomato Magazine
2 85

RT Magazine is an online rock / metal alternative magazine with reviews, interviews, articles, fashion and more!
78 Paranormal Screams
1 9
Dark, dank and dimly lit - the corners of our home conceal all kinds of bone crushing frights. Looking for something scary? Then check out our gathering of sites or come and add your own URL - Paranor
79 GOTHICOM Community
1 2
Gothic and Alternative Community
80 Web Alliance
1 10

Web Alliance is an Organization fighting theift of data and bandwidth on the web. We believe in integrity and respect for anothers work.
1 19
Horror, Gothic, Fantasy. Come take a walk on the erotic side of Darkness. Forums, Sexy Models, Full flash arcade, weblinks, topsites, movie trailers, art galleries and so much more!
82 Depths Of Darkness
1 21
Come and see what The Depths has to offer.
83 Gothic Poets And Writers Literary Club
1 34

Home for Gothic and dark poets and writers.
84 My Avalon
1 34
Pagan inspired personal blog with Witchcraft articles and Pagan News, Spirituality and the Paranormal and Real Vampire information.
85 OurSatan
1 47
True Satanism
86 UvKITTY - Shit to Make You Look Cuter...
1 7
UvKITTY is an online shop specializing in alternative fashion that’s edgy and cute.. but only if it wants to be. We eat neon colors and leopard print for breakfast. We’re a little bit punk, a little bit rockabilly, a little bit neon, a little bit leopard,
87 dodgem
1 28

Gothic surf traffic exchange promote all your gothic websites for free. Add up to 20 websites and get 400 credits at sign up.
88 Pagan Supplies Shop & Wiccan Gothic Jewellery
1 21

Gothic Jewellery, Pagan Supplies, wiccan jewellery,Occult pendants, Norse Jewellery, Nordic Talismans, Viking Jewellery, Celtic amulets, Steam Punk curios.
89 Toxic Association
1 31


Underground Nightclub, Performance, and Event Photography
90 Black Widow
1 9
We are a dark list, looking for sites pertaining to vampires, werewovles, horror, paranormal, gothic, fantasy and sites that reflect the darkness. Dark online stores are welcome to join us.
91 GothVamp UK
1 5
Dark Gothic and Vampire community waiting for you to join us!
92 Acid-Candy // gothic model
1 48

Gothic-Horror-Pinup Model Acid-Candy
93 The Wiccan Spirit
1 7
Welcome to our new Wiccan and Paranormal webring. Sites containing information, images etc. on either or both themes are invited to apply for membership.
94 NighteShade Jewelry
1 48

NighteShade Jewelry offers a unique collection of decadent handcrafted lace and beaded jewelry.
An eclectic variety of modern, Victorian inspired, nouveau and gothic adornments in a variety of mediums
95 Dust To Dust
1 30
Cemetery photography. Changing scenes and passing seasons in English graveyards, cemeteries and churchyards.
96 Raven's AERIE
1 31

witchcraft socail website providing news information and resources for and about Pagans, wiccans, and Heathens
97 La Notte
1 11
We are a dark culture forum choc full of dark goodness. Boards cover art, literature, film, fashion, gaming, mythology, music and lots more!
98 Darkest Depths
1 7
Come delve into the Darkness.
99 Scary Places
1 51
Come visit the scariest places on the Internet. Dare you tread along shadowy demon infested paths and visit haunted, desolate places? Then welcome hardy traveller, your adventure begins here.
100 Miss Hush
1 38
Enter the world of Miss Hush, sexy pin up princess!
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